Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blog Has moved...

If you would like to check it out please do!! I would love some of your feedback.. Don't forget to subsribe to the RSS on the blog to be notified when new posts are published on my blog. Feel free to browse on some of the photo's.. I enjoyed taking them.. Thanks for reading. Scrap On!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Moving....

I am currently in the process of moving my blog.. to My new WEBSITE!! Yippe... I will post in a few days the address and you can even sign up to a RSS to be notified when new posts are published!! Better pictures will be on there and full albums of photos... I hope you come back to check it out!! Real soon!! (like next Wed .. after my Apple class!!)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Secret Sister Feb gift.....or should I say GIFTS!!!

I know you are so jealous!!! This is what my fabulous secret sister sent me this month.. Well she actually sent it to my sister Kacey's house and when we went there for dessert on Valentine's day it was right there waiting for me.. All wrapped up so pretty... inside was the best gifts..2 valentine ring pops for each one of my sons, Chocolate sport shaped candies for each of my boys too, An awesom PINK feathered heart with a K hanging on it.... a big bag of green M&M's (which my mom totally loved for St. Patrick's Day...she is as Irish as they come) 2 bottles of Gold Shlager with some romantic massage oils and some special "lovin lotion"!! (thanks)...some cool PINK hot chocolate.... DELISH... But best of all she did it again.... She decorated a HUGE Mr, Goodbar to the Scrap Ect logo again... Now it matches my Dunkin Gift card. How great and creative is that?????????? She amazes me.. And to boot she gave me the nicest card about sisters and secret sisters....

Thanks so so much whoever you are!! I love it all Now I cant wait until March's gift comes.. I wish this would never end!!!

My Charms for Scrap Ect..

So happy those are done. They were so fun to do!! I just love the colors... I can't wait to get all the other charms and put it on the bracelet. It looks so great and I love the sound it makes when you move your wrist.. LOL., Hope you like them...

( you can see the one I did before I changed the color setting on the printer) DUH!! It is almost like where is waldo? Where is the mistake charm??

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Most clever Secret Sister.....

I am gleaming with joy right now..... My secret sister for Scrap Ect.. has to be the most clever of them all.... I don't know how but Sat night when I got into bed there was a wrapped present from her sitting on my pillow.... An adorable pink makeup bag filled with goodies. A hair clip, 2 lipglosses, ribbon, fanci brads, and the coolest chipboard journaling spots.... I was like how the heck did this get here???? I thought my DH was getting romantic on me...

Well if you are thinking that was clever.......... Listen to what she sent me today!!! I went to visit Chloe and she handed me this Dunkin Donuts bag ..... So I open it and inside was the most AWESOME gift card you ever saw!! My secret sister decorated the Dunkin Gift card to look like the Scrap Ect logo.... Which is soooooooo funny because my charms for the charm swapp are the scrap ect logo..... and the gift card was worth $20!! That is alot of Joe.....

Well I thank you from the bottom of my coffee mug!! I go to DD everyday and order a Decaf black with one splenda.... ( I am trying to do Kacey's diet.. no dairy or carbs) I will cherish this card forever and hang it up in my scrap room when it is all used up!!

Thanks so much secret sister.... you little devil you!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

This is a picture of the gift I made for Joe for Christmas... I put all the newspaper articles that he was in since he was 13. well not all the articles that was too many.. These were important ones. And of course the ones with his picture on it.. He is #6 the one with the real cute behind... LOL... Anyhow he loved it and I loved making it for him... I am real happy with the way it came out. It was made with love...

This is my family on Christmas morning... And yes we all have the same PJ's from the Childrens Place.. How cute is that!! We even had them for Chloe too.. But she was sleeping when we took this picture.. I will post a picture of the three of them later.. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as much as I did.. Kristin

Thursday, December 06, 2007


This was a challenge.. Trying to get Chloe to stay still for her Christmas card pictures. We laughed so hard. Every time I would set her up... I would walk away to take the picture and she would start walking toward me... Then she kept taking her headband off.. She still is the cutest little thing!! I just love her tights and her shoes!! She is a fashion plate to say the least. So this is just some of the shots I got. Don't you just love her???????

Christmas Photo Shoots

I have been dabbling in photography and have to tell you I am really enjoying it. I took picture of my best friend Jackie's girls for Christmas cards. Yes that is right three girls Jillian, Carley and Jesse....Her middle daughter is my Godchild so I took some real cute ones of her for her 3rd birthday, which was in November. Anyhow these girls are just way too cute..

I hope you enjoy them like I did!

Scrap Ect Page Swapp!!

I know I haven't blogged in like forever!! I have been real lax in this department.. I am busy getting ready for Christmas!! But I did manage to have time to finish my page swapp for the Scrap Ect event that we will be attending in April.

If you don't know what that is.... It is prob the most awesome event a scrapper can go to, It is being held in Nashville, TN... Heidi Swapp and Jenni Bowlin will be there. They are my 2 most favorite scrappers.

My sister Kacey and my sister in law are coming with me.. This will be their first time going to an event like this.. I can't wait!! We are also going with Karen Raffone and Karen Filos, Susan from NY and my friend Liz Simon and the rest of the CE girls too! Can't wait.

Anyway here is a picture of my single page and my double page for the swapp! I will have to get a good picture of my charms too.. I think they came out so cute!! LOL.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumpkin Picking

We took the kids apple and pumpkin picking to Eastmont Orchids in New Jersey. We had the most fun in the pumpkin patch. Don't get me wrong picking apples off the trees was fun but the boys just loved running through the pumpkin patch. My niece Chloe just started walking and she was a rip in the patch too!!
Fall is one of my favorite seasons.. Though this day was so hot we wore shorts and tank tops.. I love this time of year. I love the change in leaves and the colors of fall.
Well happy fall everyone!!

Creative Escape

Well I have been back for over a month now... It was back to school.. starting Kindergarten... and now I am finally posting abou it... We had a blast. I was all set with my pink luggage.... Barbara and I flew to Arizona on a Thursday and came back home on Sunday.. Just enough time girl time to scrap and hang with the girsl..
Creative Escape was awesome.. We hung out with my favorite scrapper Heidi Swapp, we met Rhonna Ferrer, Stacey Julian, Chris Randall and so many more... We did an awesome canvas project in Heidi's class, when it is completed I will post. And in Chris Randall's class we learned how to sodder.. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas??? LOL

The best part of the trip were our roommates.. Me, Barb, Liz Simon and Susan from NY roomed together... Oh my what laughs we had.. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard... Thanks girls for a great time!